Give your time. make an impact.

Being a Youth Inc. tutor and making a difference in the educational trajectory of students is a tremendously rewarding experience. For years, our tutors have appreciated flexible schedules, meaningful bonds, and collaboration with classroom teachers to create a plan tailored to each individual learner.

According to one tutor, “Having seen the program from both sides (as a current tutor and former classroom teacher), I know the students in my classroom wouldn’t have made the progress they did without the 1-on-1 support from Youth Inc."

Frequently Asked Questions About Tutoring

Is Youth Inc. affiliated with Minneapolis Public Schools?
No, the program is totally separate from Minneapolis Public Schools. Youth Incorporated hires you as an independent contractor and there is no seniority.

Who is the contact for each school?
The contact person at each participating school is usually the social worker. 

How does tutoring work?
Typically, tutors meet 1-on-1 with a student for 30 minutes (depending on the child’s age and attention span) twice per week during the school year. Students can be tutored in groups of two. Tutors collaborate with their students’ classroom teachers to determine areas of improvement, scheduling tutor time, and progress monitoring. Each student is allocated a maximum of 30 tutoring hours per school year.

What is the qualifying criteria?
Youth Inc. follows these general guidelines when approving student participation:

  • Student reads between the 10th and 40th percentile as measured by any standardized test

  • Student cannot be receiving Special Education (unless “Speech Only”) or Title I

  • Students must be in grades K-8

How does tutor payment work?
Tutors are paid $18.00 / hour and are responsible for submitting their monthly timesheets to their designated school social worker.

What is the referral process?
After a team determines that a particular student meets eligibility criteria and could benefit from tutoring services, a Youth Incorporated Application for Services form must be completed online. The school social worker is expected to facilitate referrals and help organize tutor schedules.

If I tutor 2 students at once, will I get paid separately for each student?
No, you will still get paid $18/hour. Your time entry will be split between both students’ 30 hour contract. 

Can a student be tutored by Youth Incorporated for more than 1 year?
Yes, if they still meet the eligibility criteria and could benefit from tutoring services.

How does the tutor determine what materials and strategies to use?
Consultation with the classroom teacher and information from the referral should give direction as to areas of instruction. 

Since this is an independent contract, will information about my wages be sent to the IRS?
All earnings of $600 or more will be reported to the IRS.

Why do you need my SSN?
We collect your SSN using an encrypted form in order to set up your monthly payment and 1099 form (if you earn more than $600/year).

Resources for Existing Tutors

Tutors are responsible for tracking and recording their reading sessions with each student. Timesheets should be submitted to your school’s social worker on a monthly basis. To insure timely payments, we ask that all timesheets be submitted by the 5th of each month.

*Please note, you only need to download the timesheet once. The timesheet is separated into monthly tabs for your tracking convenience.