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I have read, understand and agree to the provisions and parameters in the Youth Incorporated Agreement (see below) with regard to services and payment for tutoring through this program.

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We collect your SSN using the encrypted form above in order to set up your monthly payment and 1099 form (if you earn more than $600/year).

Youth Incorporated Tutor Agreement

Services given may involve tutoring in Reading only. Tutoring is most helpful when done in 30 minute sessions, with 60 minutes being acceptable depending on the age of the student. Tutoring must be completed by May 31st of the respective school year. Tutoring beyond that date will not be reimbursed.

Please remember that Youth Incorporated tutors are independent contractors. The classroom teacher provides the initial basic reading instruction while the Youth Incorporated tutor provides supplemental reading instruction based on an individual student's needs. 

As independent contractors, Youth Incorporated tutors have the flexibility in selecting and using a wide variety of reading materials. Payment for services is made through Youth Incorporated and not through the Minneapolis Public Schools. Monthly timesheets are submitted to the participating school’s social worker who verifies them for accuracy. From there, the timesheets are forwarded to the secretary of the Youth Incorporated Board for processing and payment. 

This process can take up to 4 weeks. Money received by the tutor is reportable to the IRS as income from private employment. Each student is allocated 30 hours at the tutor’s rate of $18.00 per hour (the hourly rate is $18.00 even if two students are tutored together). Please list specific times that tutoring is occurring on the monthly timesheet (i.e. 1:00- 1:30PM).

Tutoring must be done on school grounds during typical times of school building operation. This may include before or after school if the student is available to stay, or if the student is enrolled in an onsite child care program. Tutors who do not follow the required parameters for Youth Incorporated tutoring may not be paid for time submitted pending discretion of the coordinator and board members.