Our Story Begins in 1944…


Meet Our Benefactor:
J. Edward Meyers

Upon his death in 1944, local Minneapolis philanthropist, J. Edward Meyers designated a trust fund dedicated to helping Minneapolis students become stronger readers. Meyers was a member of the Minneapolis Board of Education and also served as Mayor of Minneapolis.

J. Edward Meyers (December 22, 1862 – June 11, 1944) was an insurance salesman, philanthropist and the 27th mayor of Minneapolis. Meyers was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota Law School. After a brief period in Duluth, Minnesota, he returned to Minneapolis in 1888.

Just a month before his death, it was revealed that Meyers had been the anonymous benefactor behind Youth Incorporated. Today, funds are administered by a board of trustees known as Youth, Inc.

How We Operate

Youth Inc. provides money, in amounts decided annually, to assist Minneapolis Public School students with challenges related to Reading. When a school team determines a student could benefit from reading support, they make a referral, assign a tutor, and oversee the student’s progress. The tutoring support available through Youth Inc. is separate from support received via Special Education or Title I. Tutors are paid by Youth, Inc. as independent contractors and not through Minneapolis Public Schools. Our board and tutors are dedicated to addressing the achievement gap that exists between white students and students of color.

Meet Our Board

Our board is comprised of a multi-diciplinary group of professionals dedicated to the responsible management and oversight of the J. Edward Meyer trust fund. Members include principals, teachers, social workers, tutors, and financial advising experts.

  • Joan Nelson, President

  • Sue Graham McBride, Secretary

  • Leo Bulger, Treasurer

  • Jennifer Frisbie, Program Coordinator

  • Carey Seeley, Member

  • Katie MacDonald, Member

  • Char Myers, Member

  • Becky Wood, Member

  • Jenny Corniea, Member

  • LaShawn Ray, Member

Interested in joining the Youth Inc board of advisors? Contact Joan Nelson to learn more.